Will my tiny spark of being
Wholly vanish in your deeps and heights?
Must my day be dark by reason,
O ye Heavens, of your boundless nights,
Rush of Suns and roll of systems,
And your fiery clash of meteorites?

Spirit, nearing yon dark portal
At the limit of thy human state,
Fear not thou the hidden purpose
Of that Power which alone is great,
Nor the myriad world, His shadow,
Nor the silent Opener of the Gate.


I just discovered this book, which kind of makes this site seem rather redundant. Oh well. I guess it doesn’t technically count as plagiarism? After all, the book is technically plagiarism. Funny how if you steal from one or two people it’s plagiarism, but steal from hundreds and it’s inspired and well researched.

Anyway, it means I’m going to start drawing down on some of my favourite poetry too. I found a lot of my carefully curated quotes in this volume, but a lot of my stuff isn’t there.


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