Carl Sagan

It is the responsibility of scientists never to suppress knowledge, no matter how awkward that knowledge is, no matter how it may bother those in power; we are not smart enough to decide which pieces of knowledge are permissible, and which are not. …
Quoted in Lily Splane, Quantum Consciousness (2004), 80.
They were sentenced to 6 years in jail. I’m uploading this in January 2013, when the Judge in the trial has just declared “the failure to consider these studies is equivalent to the death of knowledge.”
He’s utterly wrong. They concluded using their evidence and knowledge, that tremors don’t necessarily lead to Earthquakes. They considered this to be an inconvenient bit of knowledge, but it’s nonetheless true. It was simply a PR disaster that lead to a blanket “you’re fine” klaxon.
They’re meant to be going up for appeal, so let’s hope that they’re successful.

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