Thomas Henry Huxley

It is an error to imagine that evolution signifies a constant tendency to increased perfection. That process undoubtedly involves a constant remodeling of the organism in adaptation to new conditions; but it depends on the nature of those conditions whether the direction of the modifications effected shall be upward or downward.
‘The Struggle for Existence in Human Society’ (1888). In Collected Essays (1894), Vol. 9, 199.

Christopher Htichens


What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof. What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.

Christopher Hitchens

One of the best Hitch-slaps there is.

Thomas Henry Huxley

Every philosophical thinker hails it [The Origin of Species] as a veritable Whitworth gun in the armoury of liberalism.
‘The Origin of Species’ (1860). In Collected Essays (1893), Vol. 2, 23.
Though I sometimes wonder whether these days, evolution is too often associated with liberalism, hence why vast swathes of america still subscribe to creationism, as a reaction purely against liberalism.

At quite uncert…

At quite uncertain times and places,
The atoms left their heavenly path,
And by fortuitous embraces,
Engendered all that being hath.
And though they seem to cling together,
And form “associations” here,
Yet, soon or late, they burst their tether,
And through the depths of space career.

So we who sat, oppressed with science,
As British asses, wise and grave,
Are now transformed to wild Red Lions,
As round our prey we ramp and rave.
Thus, by a swift metamorphosis,
Wisdom turns wit, and science joke,
Nonsense is incense to our noses,
For when Red Lions speak, they smoke.

Hail, Nonsense! dry nurse of Red Lions,
From thee the wise their wisdom learn,
From thee they cull those truths of science,
Which into thee again they turn.
What combinations of ideas,
Nonsense alone can wisely form!
What sage has half the power that she has,
To take the towers of Truth by storm?

Yield, then, ye rules of rigid reason!
Dissolve, thou too, too solid sense!
Melt into nonsense for a season,
Then in some nobler form condense.
Soon, all too soon, the chilly morning,
This flow of soul will crystallize,
Then those who Nonsense now are scorning,
May learn, too late, where wisdom lies.

This poem is entitled “Molecular Evolution” and it’s by James Clark Maxwell, the most brilliant physicist of the 19th century, who showed that electricity and magnetism were aspects of the same force, electromagnetism.

Unfortunately, he we also a staunch creationist, and strongly objected to evolutionary theory, which was in vogue at the time.